Oui [we] = Yes (French)
Tek = Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can your company do for me?

Ouitek is an information technology consulting company. Our gurus are like architects & interior designers but for your technology & electronics. We handle many different tasks from designing structured wiring for your new home or office to large scale wireless networks implementation. Ouitek troubleshoots & support all forms of electronics hardware & software from computers to TV's. Ouitek provides onsite tech support 24/7/365 for businesses, residences and hotel guests. We also  design & install home theaters with surround sound.

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Do I have to buy any equipment from you?

Not at all, our gurus will do the research for you & give you a list of tailored equipment for your specific needs. You can get the equipment yourself from any retail store or online seller. In some cases clients prefer that we deal with everything & don't have the time to do the shopping part. We can purchase the equipment for you & you can reimburse us. We don't profit from equipment sales. Ouitek just helps you make the right choices & you can walk into the store of your liking feeling confident that you will get what you really need & not what the sales people prefer that you buy.

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Do you provide tech support services in NYC?

Ouitek services NYC & the greater Tri-State Area. Ouitek gurus are on call 24/7/365 & will come to your office/home/hotel room at any time. Our response time is usually around 30 minutes to an hour within NYC outside of the city may take longer depending on traffic. We are highly devoted professionals & will guarantee our work to be fast & accurate. Oui can provide you with support for any technological device that you require at any given time just say the word & we are there.

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How do I properly pronounce Ouitek?

The name Ouitek means Yes to Technology.
Oui [we] Means Yes in French
Tek is short for Technology

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Are you hiring new people?

Ouitek is always on the lookout for new talent in the fast paced IT world. If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology & are interested in our company we would like to hear from you. Send us your resume to HR@ouitek.com and tell us why you want to join our team of gurus.

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